2000-2003 The Birth of a Company

Yasushi Tai, at the age of 35 founded Freightman International Logistics Co., Ltd. due to an increase in the demand for trade between Japan and China

It provided the main product, refined forwarding to the world for aiming to be an Asian-wide forwarding company.

2004-2008 Stable Growth

While responding to the logistics demands of Japan-China trade, Freightman International Logistics Co., Ltd. focused on the logistics business and steadily increased sales by opening more branches at each major ports in Japan and China.

During the period, the company started a customs clearance business besides the forwarding business.

2009-2013 Turning Point

The bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers was the most important turning point for FC Standard Logistics Co., Ltd (FCSL).

While the logistics were being reviewed due to the economic crisis, the combined transportation by Ishijima Ferry and the short-time transportation service of Qingdao-Osaka for 40 hours were released. FCSL has transformed into a multi-purpose carrier whose main customers are importers and exporters from its beginnings as “just a freight agency business”.

Sales have increased by switching our main service of sea transportation to Intermodal Freight Transport. In other words, FCSL started delivering directly to customers’ doors.

2013-2019 Seeking and Evolving

As e-commerce emerged in 2013 and rapidly started to gain in popularity, international logistics began to undergo structural reforms.

FCSL has started domestic delivery and built more bonded warehouses and domestic warehouses to respond to cross-border logistics.

We are in the process of evolving into a smart complex transportation logistics company by making international complex transportation more visible and simplified.

2020-to Present

At the beginning of 2020, livewise modern society has been seeking ways to survive the “With Corona” and “After Corona” era, FCSL is continuously evolving.