About Us

Our Mission.

Our mission is to achieve efficient, time-saving, and satisfying cross-border transportation.

When it comes to cross-bordering, it can be complex, confusing, heavily regulated, making you feel uncertain where it is, out of control.

Our Mission is to simplify cross-border transportation.

Company Overview

Quick, flexible, and efficient correspondence to globalization is demanded from logistics services, while globalization of the economy is progressing.

Above all, the power of Asian countries, including China and Southeast Asia, which continue to develop remarkably, will become more and more important.

We, FC Standard Logistics have our own Asia-based logistics services as the core of our business.

Besides China, where we have arranged the local base and information network, we are supporting customer needs by building a wide range of networks across Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America.

We have our beliefs, which keep delivering fast, cheap, and accurately. We have developed a wide range of operations by developing more efficient routes and taking care of the procedures based on the foundation of logistics.

We will work promptly to customers’ needs by utilizing our acute awareness of informatization, environmental issues, and social responsibility.


FC Standard Logistics Co.,Ltd.


Clabo Annex Building 14th Floor 2-4-11 Kyutaromachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0056

Domestic offices:

Tokyo Branch • Nagoya Sales Office • Kobe Sales Office • Narita Office • Maya Warehouse • Osaka LC Tokyo DC • Amagasaki DC]


CEO:Yasushi Tai

List of Officers(As of September 1, 2022):

Representative Director:Yasushi Tai

Executive Vice President:Yoshiaki Iwasa

Executive Vice President:Takanori Hamaguchi

Director:Isao Yasuhara

Director:Naoto Umezu

Director:Tomohide Handa

Director:Shunsuke Aihara

Director:Akira Yamamoto

Director:Ryosuke Ogata

Auditor:Hiroki Kanda


Mat 1st, 2000


March 6th, 2006

Domestic Affiliated company:

Main business details:

• International Multimodal Transport
• Customs broker
• Second Class Consigned Freight Forwarding Business (International shipping, motor truck transportation, international aviation)
• General port transport business
• Air transport agency
• Warehousing business


50M yen


  • Revenue for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2019: 8.7 billion yen
    (Japan domestic group in Japan: 10.3 billion yen)
  • Revenue for the fiscal year ended March 2020: 9.8 billion yen
    (Japan domestic group sales 12.7 billion yen)
  • Revenue for the fiscal year ended March 2021: 10.9 billion yen
    (Japan domestic group sales 12.8 billion yen)

Number of employees:

Japan domestic group 198,
(Overseas group total about 1,200) as of October 1st, 2022.

Oversea Locations:

Dalian • Tianjin • Qingdao • Yantai • Weihai • Shanghai • Ningbo • Nandong • Xiamen • Shenzhen
Ho Chi Minh • Yangon

Enrolled Groups:


Our Our Philosophy

1. The company is a public entity of society

We play an important role in ” Cross-border Product Flow” in order to prosper the global economy. As a logistics company that brings happiness to people and society, we will continue to be a public entity of society.

2. Respect for the humanity of employees

We think of each employee as a family for the company. We respect each person’s values, find enjoyment in supporting them.

3. The spirit of challenge and demonstrating innovation

Challenge is an important trigger for our employees and our organization to continue to develop vigorously.
We hope that our effort of daily improvements and transformation will lead to customer satisfaction, and eventually our corporate activities, itself will lead to a social contribution.

4. Create an Abundance and Prosperity society and consciouness

Challenges are important to trigger for our employees and organizations to continue to develop vigorously.
We also believe that daily improvements and improvements for our customers will lead to customer satisfaction, and in the end, our corporate activities themselves will lead to social contribution activities.

Our Offices