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To the person in charge of importing and exporting liquids

Are you worried about the logistics and costs of import and export?


Ocean freight of ISO-Tank Container


Container cost for liquid transportation


Transportation quantity is limited

What is Flexibag

We carry out thorough safety management for quality control and risk reduction.

■Large-capacity of Liquid Transportation
18 to 24 kiloliters of products can be transported in a general 20-foot marine dry container.


■Safe and Hygienic Liquid Transportation
We use bags suitable for food transportation and are disposable, so there is no need to worry about preloading. They are safer in terms of hygiene than transportation packaging that is washed and reused. In addition, the multi-layer structure reduces the risk of leakage.

■Reduce Transportation and Labor Costs

Significant cost reduction is possible by switching from ISO-Tank Containers and drums. It has the advantages of requiring less of a workforce and space.

Cheapest Container!

Cost of 20ft container Comparison (unit: 10,000 yen)

Flexibag/80,000 yen
IBC /360,000 yen
※IBC・・・18 units x approximately ¥ 20,000
※※Drums: ・・・80 pieces x approx. ¥ 5,000
■Flexibags are transported by filling a special bag with non-dangerous liquids, such as beverages and base oil for food and chemicals.
■Place the bag in a 20-foot offshore dry container, fill it with liquid, and transport it to the site as it is.
■The bag can be transported at a low cost since it is easy to fill and discharge and does not require frame assembly or forklift
■The bag is transported by filling special bags with non-dangerous liquids such as edible beverages, base oils, and chemicals.

1. Food products (wine, plum wine, liquid seasonings, cooking oil, water, other beverages, seasonings, etc.)
2. Non-edible products (glycerin, base oil, animal oil (lard, fish oil), vegetable oils (palm oil, castor oil, rice oil), lubricants, surfactants, latex, other liquid chemicals, etc.)
3. Class 4 Petroleum No.4, Class 4 Petroleum No.3 (Transportable if the ignition point of a cargo is 130 °C or higher)
4. Hazardous materials (falls under UN numbers) and Class 4 Petroleum No.3 products below 130 °C cannot be transported.

1. Dangerous goods (UN applicable products) and Class 4 and 3 petroleum products cannot be transported below 130 ° C.

Strength of Flexibag

We would like to propose new tank transportation at ultra-low-cost with “no maintenance costs”


The heating hose was run over on the outside of the layer, so there was a limit to how efficiently it could continue to heat ...
Since the humidification hose is laid only underneath, it has not been damaged and effective humidification has not been realized.

Latest Model!

Since the hose to be heated is inserted "as is" inside the layer, it is efficient and can be expected to have a continuous heating effect.

Please try a flexible transportation method so that you can reduce management costs such as labor and leasing fees while the safety remains the same

* Malaysia → Marine Transportation in Japan (According to our research, setting costs excluded)

ISO Tank

$ 2,600
Total Cost
  • Lease:Needed
  • Maintanance:Needed
  • Sefety:◯

Flexibag (IHF)

$ 1,450
Total Cost
  • Lease:No Need
  • Maintanance:No Need
  • Safety:◯
45% DOWN


$ 1,150
Total Cost
  • Lease:No Need
  • Maintanance:No Need
  • Safety:◯
56% DOWN

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FLEXIBAG has been officially recognized by COA


FC Standard Logistics and Flexibag were featured in The Chemical Daily on April 11, 2016!




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