FC Standard Logistics

We are committed to providing
one-stop, secured, and optimal
international logistics services
by connecting networks Across Asia

Company Overview

As an international logistics company, we are aiming to be meaningful to society.

We support your cross-border trade by making full use of our worldwide network and IT.

We offer various services including B2B, B2C, intermodal freight transportation, 3PL, forwarding, customs clearance, warehousing, land transportation, and distribution processing.

Our Strength

Supply Chain Optimization

We clarify and make visible the locations of cargo by using cutting-edge IT and provide customers with the optimal ways of transportation.
FCSL offers speedy, secured, accurate, and visible logistics services.

Wide-Area Network

We are partnered with major ports all over the world, including our own logistics service network across East Asia.
Our one-stop solutions for B2B and B2C cross-border transportation, customs clearance, warehousing, and delivery provided.

Reasonable Price Setting

Our total number of containers handled exceeds 100,000 annually.
We offer our services for our customers at the least expensive price setting.

exponentially Specialized Service

We offer high-quality services such as in-house mixed loading, drainage, bonded warehouse, and customs clearance, including consolidation and ferry services between the Japan-China trade route.

About FCSL

Quick, flexible, and efficient correspondence to globalization is demanded from logistics services, while globalization of the economy is progressing.

Above all, the power of Asian countries, including China and Southeast Asia, which continue to develop remarkably, will become more and more important.

We, FC Standard Logistics have our own Asia-based logistics services as the core of our business.

Besides China, where we have arranged the local base and information network, we are supporting customer needs by building a wide range of networks across Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America.

We have our beliefs, which keep delivering fast, cheap, and accurately. We have developed a wide range of operations by developing more efficient routes and taking care of the procedures based on the foundation of logistics.

We will work promptly to customers’ needs by utilizing our acute awareness of informatization, environmental issues, and social responsibility.