Freight Container
Amount of mixed loading with China

For customers who import products from overseas

Are there any customers who are capable of buying and selling “goods” in business transactions overseas, but not delivering “goods”?

I don’t know where or who to ask.

I can’t concentrate on my main business sales because I don’t know how much the delivery and the transportation cost will be!

I don’t know trade terms!

I don’t understand the quote from the forwarder or customs broker!

I don’t know how much it would cost for the distribution of imported products per piece.

International logistics is very complicated. 
We, as an international logistics professionals, are 100% certain that we will solve your problems 100%.

In such complicated international logistics, we promise smooth transportation from ports overseas to customers’ delivery destinations by making full use of our unique IT technology.

Clarification of Freight Rates
Make transport leading time visible. We take care of distribution processing such as inspection in Japan and also deal with B2B and B2C logistics for you.

For those who import from overseas to Japan

Feel free to contact us regarding your problems with international logistics!

We, as professionals of international logistics, will provide the best solution for your business.