Excellent Service

Freight Container
Amount of mixed loading with China

COncerns & Problem

Customers who concern about a lack of space due to the reduced number of flights of AIR, a delay because of unseasonable weather, and an unstable day for unloading in Japan.  


Strength of our Excellent Service

Solid construction of intermodal transportation that incorporates land transportation, not getting constrained by conventional sea transportation.

Visualization of logistics (by quickly adopting automatic mail delivery for booking contact to inform customers of delivery date setting)

We started providing excellent service in 2009 and have received a great deal of support from (who?). We can handle cargo or freight that other companies could not handle.


We combine sea, air, and land transportation while utilizing our world-class warehousing work, in order to meet our customers’ needs and deliver them to the customer’s door in the best way.


We fully support vendors opening a store in Japan with customs solutions such as FBA and ACP, as well as local warehouse inspection, Japanese warehouse storage, last mile, and eCommerce.


We offer bonded, non-bonded, and in-warehouse solutions for all 3PL, B2B, and B2C depending on customer needs.

company strength background

We provide a drayage service with an abundant number of units owned in Tokyo Bay.


We are in the process of becoming an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO). We clear a product from customs on behalf of customers and support compliance.


We have set up 10 inspection factories in Shandong Province, China, around Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and around Yangon, Myanmar, to perform an inspection, sorting, and tagging work in order to minimize distribution costs in Japan.