Our Services

International Logistics Services
								We help customers expand their business in China and Asia with innovative solutions enabled by our unique network.

    FC Standard closely cooperates with overseas subsidiaries and influential partners that specialize in operations specifically required in individual countries. We provide multi-modal transport services using a range of transportation means spanning land, sea, and air. Our high-quality services are provided under the motto of “quickly, assuredly, and at a low cost,” and we stand ready to handle a wide array of goods, ranging from heavy goods to LTL cargo and containers. We assist our customers with overseas forays and business expansion by offering a wide array of logistics services, including overseas relocation of facilities and support for starting up operations, as well as provision of local information.

Customs Clearance Services
								We help ensure smooth import and export with our customs clearance specialists and proprietary information processing system.

    International logistics involve customs declaration, applications, paperwork related to law and regu- lations, and many other procedures. FC Standard staff members are familiar with customs procedures and complete these potentially burdensome tasks for our customers quickly and accurately. Our product management system, boasting a lengthy history of results handling various goods, significantly reduces the time required for preparing declaration cards and other formalities. This means we can provide effi- cient and smooth customs clearance services.

For inquiries about our customs clearance services, contact by TEL:06-6266-8688 FAX:06-6266-1668

Overseas Distribution Processing Centers
								We also focus on refining our distribution processing services to ensure the safety and security of products we transport.

    Providing multi-modal logistics services by ensuring the safety and security of products, rather than sim- ply moving them from point A to point B – this is the principle of logistics services at which FC Standard do aim. One measure we have taken for achieving this goal is establishment and expansion of our overseas distribution processing centers. We have facilities in Shanghai, Qingdao, and Cambodia, and all are con- veniently located close to an airport or ferry terminal. At these facilities we offer comprehensive distribution processing services extending to the final follow-up, including product assortment, packaging, and label- ling, in addition to comprehensive inspection of clothing items and other goods.

For inquiries about our overseas distribution processing centers, contact by TEL:06-6266-5578(Development Department)
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