Our greetings

    As the globalization of the economy progresses, logistics services must follow suit. As part of this trend, the power of Asian countries, including China and Southeast Asia, which continue to undergo remarkable development, will be increasingly important in the future.

    FC Standard’s core business comprises logistics services based in Asia. We respond to customer needs with our extensive network covering Southeast Asia, India, and the Middle East; and of course China where we have established local bases and information networks.

    We transport goods quickly, accurately, and at a low cost. Based on this fundamental principle of logistics, we engage in a wide variety of businesses from development of efficient routes to taking procedures for customers. We will continue to accurately satisfy customers’ needs by keeping pace with informatization and maintaining a high level of awareness of environmental issues and social responsibility.

Corporate Philosophy
Remember that a company is a public entity
Respect the humanity of employees
Demonstrate our spirit of challenge and create our own innovations
Creating a society with both material and spiritual abundance
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