Distribution Centers

Overseas distribution processing centers In Shanghai, Qingdao, and Cambodia, we systematically check clothing items, small sundry items, and other goods and undertake final follow-up of those goods.

    Systematic checking of products before delivery is essential for ensuring the safety and security of the products you provide. This is why FC Standard has established overseas distribution processing centers in Shanghai, Qingdao, and Cambodia. These facilities are all conveniently located near an airport and other transport infrastructure. At the centers, our primary tasks include inspections and meter reading, sorting, labeling, placing of seals, and issuing price tags for clothing items, bags, accessories, and other goods. Strict checking and final follow-up are conducted for a wide range of points including products’ dimensions, indications, appearance, states of sewing, finish, and outer cases. Through these tasks, we ensure smooth logistics and enable centralization of information and efficient management of operations.

For inquiries about our overseas distribution processing centers, call by TEL:06-6266-5578(Development Department)

Shanghai Inspection Center

Qingdao Inspection Center

Cambodia Inspection Center

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